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A Domain name, Twitter and a UK Games Programmer

philz downtown Palo Alto

Let’s jump across the pond and visit a young game designer in the U.K.  I found him by a series of random events that began on Twitter.

Michel Cyger (@MichaelCyger) Director of Domain Education for and founder of several domain related platforms tweeted the question “Who else is in the “I own my name dot com domain”club?”

I answered that I was a part of this club and also owned my son’s name, JamesRichardBradley dot com  and two grandkids names. And I bought one for a friend.

Somehow this got me to looking up the kid’s domain name in google and finding this JRB, who is not my son but shares his name in a country specific domain name for his website.

My JRB is not a techie (because of or despite all those years in Palo Alto?)  He is a talent manager for writers, actors, directors in soCal – (and he has also not used his domain name, much to my dismay).

I find that my child’s  U.K namesake is indeed into tech and some interesting tech at that. Please click on his site,  James Richard Bradley ,  but if you don’t, here’s some self described data about about him:

“I’m a gaming and technology enthusiast with 10 years of experience in the retail industry, currently retraining in my dream field of work, Games Programming. I have a passion for strong narrative and immersive gameplay, but I currently have a particular interest in exploring the use of AI in level design to create a more immersive experience.”

James of the U.K. happy to meet you.  I’m not into gaming and not a programmer. In fact, here’s my only contribution to gaming, the domain name which happens to be for sale. Bought circa 1998 from godaddy. It can be a dynamic site with some work, a great name has come into its own.

So James, if you find this post, say hi here and let us know if you are still doing programming and if not, what are you up to?  Thanks to Michael Cyger for asking the question of who owns their name as a domain and leading to our finding a James Richard Bradley in the U.K who does indeed have a domain as his name, just like the U.S. JRB.

And to everyone:  visit, a great domain for sale.

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