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GoDaddy, Super Bowl Ads, Domains and Success

GoDaddy, Super Bowl Ads, Bob Parsons,domain names

I owned domain names since time began, December 1998,  which is just about the beginning in domain time.  I bought through GoDaddy although I just read that Bob Parsons, founder of the original GoDaddy, says he sold the first domain in 2000. I disagree – but if I’m wrong, where were they?

I’m thinking of Bob Parsons today because I was missing the old GoDaddy. It was wild and crazy but things got done.  I am trying to sell some old domain names on auction and between not knowing auctions, mess-ups and confusion with Afternic and hour long waits online and X help (aka Twitter) that sends me email addresses that go nowhere and then a chat person who can’t help me with a link to a sales page of a domain name, I was so frustrated, wishing Bob back.

And  suddenly I was  in a cosmic coincidence.  I started thinking of Bob’s ads for the Super Bowl and how they made him famous.  They were based on sex.  And because of that he became an overnight sensation which made him successful.   I immediately googled him and  there he was, being interviewed about how the sex angle brought him success.

Then I realized: Super Bowl coming up in a few days.  And the domain name I am trying to auction is success and sex dot com.  And it’s Bob’s story but he’s not here to help with his wild and crazy employees, (yes, talking to them on the phone got into Bob and the crazy things that happened). So, I’m stuck with a GoDaddy AI that really needs updating  (doesn’t recognize word auctions) and stuck inside a sales machine that really is for domain investors not someone like me.  And the timing is right – oh, cosmos what are you telling me? Call in Bob and sell??  Ok, Bob, send out some domain name success and sex vibrations on the eve of a Super Bowl.

I see the listing of domains for sale with my successandsex dot com next to sexandsuccess dot com. Big difference between us: that one is for sale for $2495.00  Mine is $600.00

And here it is and with a nod of thanks to Bob and in his honor I virtually assign his story to this domain sale: SuccessandSex on auction at GoDaddy

Buy It Now: (USD)

$600.00 *

Lower Case: s u c c e s s a n d s e x . c o m
Upper Case: S U C C E S S A N D S E X . C O M
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