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Got a Ticket? Fraud Alert! Data Ticket

How California’s Outsourced Company for Ticket Revenue Is Scamming You 

data ticket scam

There are start ups all over California. I like them.  Now, I would like to propose a start down.  It’s time to go, Data Ticket, you are not good for California and you waste taxpayer money.

Travis and Marjorie

Let me introduce the Travis  Kalanick of the ticket collection world. Meet Marjorie Fleming, CEO of Data Ticket and (and daughter Brook).  Getting all the tax benefits of being a “woman centered” company, Mama and daughter cheat you one check at a time.   When you get a ticket in Santa Clara County, including Stanford, or any number of cities and counties in California, Data Ticket collects the fine and as they say in their marketing: “We maximize revenue.”  Very few ways to maximize revenue on a $45.00 ticket but they found it – they get an interest free loan by double dipping and maximize their profits.

Here’s the scam, the stealth fraud, easy to miss but in reality, not that clever.  1. Get a parking ticket.  2.Pay with check or credit card.  I went with check. Bad choice. 3. About 2 weeks  after sending the check get a notice you haven’t paid.  An 800 number is given (“if you think you paid” – oh, they know exactly what they are doing!).  4. I call.  5.I am told to pay with cc.  I say, “Then when you get my check you will not cash it?” Response: “Oh no, we will cash it. We have no way of knowing if you pay or not.” Holy algorithms!  And cash it they do as soon as I pay with cc. They have held the check for a month, sent me a warning, and demanded payment or fine and reporting to DMV.

Jaw drop. A company with no bookkeeping system at all.  (Marjorie, Brook, maybe you’ve heard of Silicon Valley and tech and algorithms and AI and the blockchain? OTOH, sounds like even basic accounting is unknown.) Actually what they are doing is holding on to the checks, cashing them eventually and then using both monies as an interest free loan.

UPDATE: From an RFP for City of Bell, Data Ticket explains EXACTLY what it does = (the big question is why does it lie to the public?) so we can see here they know exactly when a ticket is paid (we knew this, Marjorie, Brook!)

  1. Manual Payment Processing: Included
    • Manually received payments (checks, cash, money orders and credit card payments sent via US Mail) are received at our PO Box in Newport Beach where a bonded and insured courier picks up the mail daily and delivers it to our Newport Beach office
    • On-site Mail Department opens, sorts and batches the payments before providing them to our on- site Data Entry Department
    • After double-blind entry of each payment, the citations are updated by our Quality Assurance team
    • Payments are then provided to our Accounting Department where daily deposit slips are

completed and provided to a bonded, insured courier who takes them to the bank

As they say on their website: Data Ticket is a full-service parking and administrative citation-processing agency that focuses all our efforts and expertise on maximizing revenue for our clients (and apparently for themselves). Remember: these are YOUR parking tickets they are referring to.

I researched Data Ticket and their RFP’s and the many complaints online. The stories are the same. Here is one from another victim of their fraud. This is a perfect example of a usual method of defrauding:  (from RIP OFF REPORT along with other victim stories):

“I appealed the ticket and the appeal was denied.  I wrote the check and sent it to the citation processing center.  After a few days I checked their website and it hadn’t been processed.  I called them after 8 days and inquired.  I was told that all payments are processed and posted within 24 hours.  I asked if it could be sitting on someone’s desk waiting for processing and was told no that’s no possible.   So I asked if I could pay with my credit card over the phone because the check must have been lost in the mail.  The payment was made over the phone.  The next day I checked back on-line and the check showed it was processed 8 days ago.  Obviously it was back dated or just processed with the date it was received.  It also showed my credit card payment.  I called the Citation Center back and told them I’d like a credit card credit, as now I had paid twice.  They told me NO we can’t credit your credit card so I said then I’ll dispute it to my credit card.  I was put on hold and then was told that the supervisor said yes, I could dispute the charge.

I disputed the charge and the charge was removed.  Almost 3 months later I received an Official Notice of Delinquent Parking Citation.  The amount due was now $114.00.  I called and told them the story and was told they’d have to find the call I made to verify that I wasn’t told that there is a charge of $30 to cancel a credit card payment.  They told me to call back the next day.  I checked on-line again and found that the charge was changed to $30 from the $114.00 the day before. This Citation Processing Center changes the information on-line.  It still shows my check payment and my credit card payment but doesn’t mention the credit card payment cancellation charge.  The website also removed the Appeal feature and there is no complaint feature.  I filed my original Appeal on their website, but it still gives directions on their website on how to file an appeal on-line.

This has been a disgusting experience from start to current.”

Good summation. “Disgusting experience.” Being defrauded is always disgusting.

Uber gave good rides even if Travis was a jerk to some employees. Data Ticket just takes you for a ride and when you expose it they create stories out of thin air.  I’m especially fond of being accused of instigating “an email attack” against the company. That would be 2 unanswered emails!  (Thanks for making my day with that one.)  Ladies, I gotta ask: define attack.  And let me know why you didn’t respond to 2 emails  and why your phones don’t get answered – ringing for 10 minutes in the middle of the day.  How does one communicate with you people? (That’s the 800 customer service number that went unanswered.)

Again, here’s what they do – and its all recorded.  Send in check. They hold on to it. Send you notice your payment is not received although you sent it in 2 weeks prior in envelope they provided. Call. They tell you to pay via cc. You say, “and when you get check you will not cash it?” They reply: We will cash it. We have no way of knowing you paid.”

However they brag in their RFP to the cities and counties and universities that they want to hire  that they provide:

  • complete, real-time audit trail for every citation in the Solution, including data entry, adjudication, payments, customer service notes, notices, DMV interaction, user notes and more

They have that for their paying customers but not the people calling about their ticket payment?  C’mon ladies, we aren’t stupid. Just victims.

And about those recorded calls? I asked one employee about it and she hung up on me. I have asked for the recordings in my 2 emails (the email attack!) and no one has responded.

See Kight v. CashCALL, Inc., 133 Cal. Rptr. 3d 450 (Cal. Ct. App. 2011) (holding that §632 prohibits a business from monitoring its own customer service and other telephone calls conducted in the ordinary course of its own business unless consent is obtained from each person on the call, stating “we conclude the statute applies even if the unannounced listener is employed by the same corporate entity as the known participant in the conversation”); Montemayor v. GC Servs. LP, 302 F.R.D. 581, 584 (S.D. Cal. 2014).

If I hadn’t gotten caught up in this scam and uncovered it and had it recorded, I would never have known how our cities throughout California are wasting money with a company that is making money by defrauding people.  To the victims of Data Ticket, send this to your city, schools, county and ask them to hire another outfit. Don’t we reward thieves enough?

Like Uber, let’s go to the employees and see what they say. Quotes are from

Administration is cheap and stingy.

No leadership. The mother and daughters who run the business treat people horribly; destroy morale. I am surprised they have not gone out of business. There is a revolving door for employees. People are expendable. They fire good people/employees without cause instead of laying them off.

Nothing given to employees even though owners take huge bonuses for themselves. When something bothers the management they do not discuss with you or ask you to correct it, they just get rid of you. NO discussions.

Incredibly poor management. Worst software I’ve ever come across (and I’ve seen some nasty stuff). Ancient, outdated architecture which is slowly being replaced by mildly old, outdated architecture littered with anti-patterns. It really is a miracle that they are able to function at all.

Advice to Management: At this point, you either commit to a complete rewrite, or sell your business to someone who can give your customers the product they really need.

The CEO is so old and out of touch with technology she should retire, or she may drag the company down with lack of innovation. They are cheap. They will not invest in new new equipment to offer to our customers, or proper development equipment to improve what we have. They make employees clean the kitchen/break room area.

Take technical advice and do not debate against it especially when the one giving the advice is your only subject matter expert at the company. Either hire a real development manager or learn something about development

If Data Ticket is in your county, do what you can to get them out. Show the evidence to the city councils, to the police departments, to the federal government agencies on fraud and email Marjorie and Brook. Just be prepared for them to be slightly confused at what is legal and what is not.

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  • Reply
    Paul Weston
    July 9, 2018 at 11:19 am

    Thanks for this posting, Bradley. Your experience echos my own dealings with this company. In my case, it was a SnoPark citation in El Dorado County that was issued in March, 2017, as a result of misunderstanding and some incompetence with the permit process. The citation was DISMISSED about 4 months later by a the entity named Parking Administration, a private company based in Santa Ana, CA. Although the citation was issued in March of 2017, Citation Processing Center (henceforth referred to as CPC) sent me a demand to pay the previously-dismissed fine more than a year later, in May 2018. I appealed, requesting that CPC check their records for the dismissal that had been issued about a year earlier. The appeal was denied. I called, and was told that the dismissal notice had somehow never been received by CPC from Parking Administration, the company previously outsourced by El Dorado County to handle parking citations. How convenient. This was the point at which I learned (1) that the citation had been outsourced to a private company and (2) that *two* private companies had been involved with this citation. Highly suspicious behavior on the part of CPC, suggestive of fraud. Fortunately, I saved the dismissal form from Parking Administration and have faxed it to CPC. Whether or not CPC decides to honor the earlier dismissal of my citation, I plan to contact my state legislative representatives, and possibly some news channel about this.

    • Reply
      July 9, 2018 at 1:36 pm

      Awesome news regarding your taking further action against this fraud. I suspect some action will follow. This post has become the most visited page on my site. (Used to be Theranos, but since her takedown, well, not so much interest). Come back and keep us posted.

  • Reply
    November 8, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Bradely, I have a story for you regarding these people in Newport. In June of 2016 we sold one of our cars to another person. He paid cash, filled out the bill sale so it was barely legible and off he went with the title in hand. As you may know, it’s California law that the buyer has to put the title in his/her name after purchase.

    However, he never put the title in his name. He then proceeds to rack up parking tickets in Redondo Beach (where CPC comes in) and Inglewood. After many letters and proof of Release of Liability to Citation Processing Center in Newport Beach, they intercepted our tax refund for $380, for tickets for a car we don’t own.

    When I talked to them, again, they asked, again, for an official Release of Liability with a “raised seal”. The DMV does not offer any official Release of Liability with a “raised seal.” Many calls to the DMV, trips to AAA and I have been told no, there is no document with a “raised seal” on it. I did pay the DMV $23 for two copies of an official release, but with no raised seal.

    Despite all the documentation we sent to the company in Newport Beach, via registered mail, they took our money. I am at a loss as to what to do since CPC is acting in bad faith by requesting a document as proof that the DMV says does not exist. They have ignored everything piece of documentation we have sent. If you or anyone out there knows how to deal with this, please tell me.

    • Reply
      November 8, 2018 at 2:29 pm

      I recommend tweeting a link to your comment to the Newport Beach Police. They have a Twitter account. Ask how to report this theft. Make sure data ticket knows you have done this – maybe put their URL in the tweet. This will bring attention to your situation. Be respectful but as a victim you have rights.

  • Reply
    NIno Torres
    May 1, 2019 at 12:16 pm

    I got an “OFFICIAL COURTESY NOTICE UNPAID PARKING CITATION in the mail in the month of April 2019. Date and time issued 03/17/2019 2am with a violation for unauthorized parking in a VTA authorized vehicles only location in SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA . I live in LOS ANGELES. I paid $50 ticket before it went up to $95. And before i actually looked at the notice. Through no help from CPC i figured out this was a parking ticket issued in San Jose Ca . 5 h 16 min (339.8 mi) via I-5 N away from where I live and my car reside. Truly unbelievable. I contacted San JOse Parking citation division and stated that the citation number i have starts with 2 letters that are not used by the city of san jose when they issue a parking ticket. Valley Transportation Authority is on my notice but can not help with any information on actual agency who issued this Mysterious ticket. CPC took my 50 plus bucks and can only forward my request for information to a supervisor who will review it. STRAIGHT FRAUD

    • Reply
      May 1, 2019 at 10:21 pm

      Wow. What amazing scams they pull. If you go to Glassdoor you will see employees can’t stand this place. (2 stars) It is also the most visited page on my site from all sorts of cities, counties, universities, that might be researching them, – and yet, and yet, the fraud goes on. Continue to talk to them and ask permission to record for reporting a crime – bluff if you want, they will then probably take some action in refunding your $. You have to use strength, no drama with these people. I think they might be on commission for most revenue generated. Dirty, dirty place.

  • Reply
    Glenn Monson
    October 22, 2019 at 5:32 pm

    Oh that’s the secondary fraud in my experience. I went to a relatively new State park here in southern California. As you pull in to the dirt road area, there is a sign that says “Authorized Vehicles Only” with a dirt lot divided in half by a small fence on the right. That’s it no other signs, no workers. no buildings. no employees, NO, NO PARKING SIGNS ANYWHERE. Yet the road continues with several private houses and streets beyond this, one house happen to be for sale with an open house and realtor sign in a dirt lot in front, which was the reason for my visit this day. I logically deduced that sign couldn’t apply to every car? How would mail get delivered? Newspapers? How could anyone come visit? How can a State Park that owns only a little dirt area in front of this neighborhood claim control over who passes beyond its border and deny anyone owning property beyond any rights, especially since I live close by and have property bordering the State Park, all the roads beyond city limits have legal easements on them or no one could get on or off their property.
    So I decided I too would contest this travesty of justice, only to find it could only be done with a written submission. So I dutifully took 5 photos showing the area, it’s few dirt lots and private houses leading up to the park entrance, the open house and realty sign which I parked next to, and was BTW on the small dirt lot where I parked ( hmm wonder if they got a ticket for posting the sign there) ?
    Here’s where it gets good, within 2 days I checked their web site. I tried both citation number and date, to no avail. It simply said
    “No matching citations have been located. Please check the information provided and try again. ”

    I did this everyday for nearly 2 weeks and still nothing, thinking to myself they must have realized who they were messing with and saw the error of their ways.
    Now according to my ticket which I could barely read because it was put on my car in the rain, I had 3 more days to contest, so I called, and called, and called all day. I finally got someone who rudely informed me the issuer just hasn’t turned them in yet, he doesnt do it everyday you know, to which I replied Why Not!
    Well its very clear why not, my 2 week window turned into a 2 day window, which might not have been any window had I not called and got through. This must be one of their expert tactics in generating higher revenues for their clients.
    I managed to submit a 1 page brief along with 5 photos explaining I should not have been cited I was attending the open house, there weren’t any no parking signs anywhere, and no evidence the area was even being managed, and authorized vehicles only was to vague to know to what extent?
    After I submitted my contest, it read I would be notified to the outcome. 2 months went by and my mother passed which left me more than a little discombobulated, and I had forgot until 2 and a half months when I realized I hadnt been notified.
    I went to the website, checked by number and date again, where it was now posted I was found guilty and my fine was increased to $175.00, furthermore to much time has elapsed for me to contest further and I have no further recourse.
    All this has now been removed from the cite, I have not paid the fine I refuse to be sold this lemon I will take it to the Supreme court if I have to this whole thing is absurd.
    I believe even for a parking ticket I have a right to a trial and to face my accusers. They have now notified me I’m delinquent, and they were notifying the DMV and the franchise tax board. To which I informed them that delinquent is usually used for young people, thanks for the compliment but I’m pushing 60.
    Funny thing, I was on the board of the Terrestrial Investigations Club TIC at college ( for all us physical science geeks), when the land for this park was given to us to manage as a wildlife conservancy, this is one thing we wanted to avoid, a State controlled fund generating machine.
    It’s abundantly clear nothing about my experience or these people was anything but a directed, choreographed pick pocket Fagan from Oliver Twist, hell bent on creating an Oligarchy in our beloved Republic.

  • Reply
    October 22, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    I want to thank you for sharing your story and taking action for all of us. Like ripples in a pond when we act, consequence and change occur and spread far and wide. None of us should have to deal with the “fund generating machine(s)” that take up our time and line their pockets…thanks for writing out your experience and mostly for taking action. We all benefit and I speak for many I am sure when I say, “Thanks.”

  • Reply
    November 20, 2020 at 12:40 am

    I am dealing with them currently.
    Mine is even worse than this. They are lying and purposely charging me more. It is insanity. It is criminal.

  • Reply
    November 20, 2020 at 12:40 am

    I am dealing with them currently.
    Mine is even worse than this. They are lying and purposely charging me more. It is insanity. It is criminal.

    • Reply
      November 20, 2020 at 12:06 pm

      Sorry to hear this. What is interesting is how popular this page is. Apparently there are many searches on this company. I am surprised no action seems to have been taken and they seem to just go on their merry way.

  • Reply
    December 7, 2020 at 6:24 pm

    WTF. I paid the bail in full online $251.

    And now I got a letter saying I paid $251 and have an $46 balance.
    I log into their online system to check it and there are just to random amounts for the fees. $25 and $21.
    This is INSANE and criminal.
    How do we do something about this?!?!

    • Reply
      December 9, 2020 at 2:20 am

      This company is usually hired by contract with a city, town or university. Contact an official for the domain applicable to you. Good luck – somehow these people keep going on and on. I am happy to tell you that different cities and organizations come to this page a lot. I can only hypothesize they are checking them out and the word is spreading about their tactics. Good luck.

  • Reply
    October 4, 2021 at 12:37 pm

    All true. Here’s a 10/4/2021 update on their check holding scam.

    Sadly, the same scam of holding on to your timely mailed check beyond the penalty due date is still in play per my phone conversation with a rep.

    It’s an excellent strategy for getting a driver to pay a $3.50 “convenience fee” to pad their revenue (ha! a convenience fee for a ticket…as if this were a privilege?).

    And to complete the scam they will still cash your mailed check even after you’ve already settled online. And then you’re the one responsible for calling in and requesting a refund for the double dip…as if they’ll give money back to you willingly.

    dataticket (d0t) com is definitely an outdated company living off of government business…what worse combination is there for a thankless task?

    Maybe the mother/daughter pair Marjorie Fleming and Brook Westcott could open a charitable foundation as a more appreciated outlet for their revenue generating machine.

    • Reply
      October 4, 2021 at 12:45 pm

      Thanks for the update. I’m sorry to hear this. Sad to see these 2 profit over and over. Interestingly this page has an enormous number of hits, i.e. it is VERY popular but apparently this has done nothing to stop them.

  • Reply
    October 8, 2021 at 12:51 pm

    I’m glad to see there’s so much information about this fraudulent company circulating. Currently dealing with a nightmare myself. I traded in my car to a dealership on January 3rd, 2021, only to receive a huge Citation Processing Center parking ticket for the car for May 25th, 2021 – almost five months after the car left my possession. There is almost no way to contact them, and when I finally spoke to a customer disservice misrepresentative, they insisted that it doesn’t matter that I no longer own the car. I have mailed them the vehicle transfer form – didn’t have a copy of the release of liability form – and continue to receive tickets. I confirmed with the DMV that they have a release of liability form for the car on file, and I received a copy of the release of liability form from the dealership. I’m going to mail them my forms again, but have zero faith at this point that the notices will stop. I’m still worried that this could ding my credit or lead to a court battle. I’ll keep you updated.

    • Reply
      February 15, 2022 at 1:14 pm

      Hey, any update? Dealing with same situation but a vehicle I have not own since 2019. They cited me with a ticket in 2021. If you guys got any helpful information to fix this problem please do contact me. Thank you

  • Reply
    February 15, 2022 at 1:21 pm

    Hey, any update? Dealing with same situation but a vehicle I have not own since 2019. They cited me with a ticket in 2021. If you guys got any helpful information to fix this problem please do contact me. Thank you

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