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Diversity problem in tech


Diversity problem in Silicon Valley? Big time.

I was going to write about something else  but when I opened this email for a new meet-up:


and my jaw dropped, and my brain went to the news today of a black man found hanging from a tree in Mississippi,  I knew I had to say something.  Here it is: WTF?

I am reprinting the description of the meet up in its entirety. It is shocking. Beware. (I can’t quite believe this is real. A sick joke?, No, it looks real.)


Other groups have meetups, so here is a meetup for white investors and founders.

According to history, all major modern technology is a white invention. That includes electrical generators, electrical circuitry, electric lights, batteries, motors, television, radio, transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, computers, software, telephones, mobile phones, the Internet, the computer mouse, the GUI, cars, trains, planes, jets, rockets, space ships, modern plumbing, modern architecture, refrigerators, air conditioning, modern fashion, the list goes on and on.

Most white people in the US seem too concerned about being “politically correct” (a white term that few, if any, other cultures would have been so kind and polite to invent) to look at that directly. Silicon Valley is also basically a white invention. Yes, Apple and Google and Microsoft were all founded by white people. Most white people seem internationally and culturally naive, so other cultures have been exploiting white people’s general tendency to be nice and politically correct and competitively noble with other white people.

Sadly the wonderful places that white people built as democracies have started to be quietly invaded by relatively irresponsible 3rd world nations. People from 3rd world nations that pop out a ridiculous amount of kids (potential voters) come to scam the naive white American investors for a quick buck and cash in on the white Silicon Valley gold mine.

Then many of them likely go back to “play” in the places they are from and do very un-American things, such as serving an endangered species at dinner in China to impress people, with the money. These other groups have support networks in the US where they can come together to share info and work together for common goals, so here is a meetup for white investors, entrepreneurs, and founders. Much of the rest of the world is seemingly trying to copy white society, although seemingly often in very irresponsible ways, and the modern world needs white leaders to guide the responsible and environmentally kind use of white technology. White people were seemingly ready for the technology and thus received it, yet they shared it with less responsible and environmentally immoral cultures, so they should be leading its responsible use and future. Other cultures have shown that they certainly should not be leading anything until they can care for their own nations. If there is anyone that doesn’t like this, then those people should stop using all white technology as a protest.

Note: This is not an anti-non-white group.


And that ends the description – with a note this is not anti-non- white. You could have fooled me. Tell me, please, what do we say to this? What response? Are things as bad as this? How did this get into the MeetUps?

When you think you have seen it all, the cosmos laughs and says, “Not yet.”

UPDATE, April 5, 2015 The Whites Only MeetUp No Longer Exists.

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    People Watcher
    December 18, 2021 at 5:11 pm

    Asian Entrepreneur Meet up

    Black Entrepreneur Meet up

    Pretend Everyone Else Is Racist or Evil Meetup

    It’s a crazy world alright.

    What if anyone could meet, and it’s fine?
    What if someone had a differing opinion than a group and just didn’t join, instead of becoming haters or activists?
    What if everyone could enjoy either their own or other races’ company without judgement?
    What if everyone were allowed to be proud of who and what they are, without being attacked?

    What if we went back to doing what we already were doing for decades, seeking harmony and unity, instead of all this hate-seeking nonsense?

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