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Once Upon A Time, A Coinbase story of 2013



I had no idea I was an OG. I had no idea what it meant. Here’s how I found out.

I recently went to a reunion of my old bitcoin meetup held at Plug ‘n Play in Sunnyvale.  Wow, look at all the people. We had 10 or 12 in the group when I began.  (have’t been in 2 years). Nothing like the old days of January 2014. That was, as far as I can tell from my records that the first time I attended a meetup (and where the hell was Scott Robinson, fearless leader, who was so kind as to show me how to access my transactions on the blockchain so as to get a refund, an event seared into my memory amongst all the other things he did such as bring the best and brightest of BTC people  to our meetup as speakers? Missed you and TY, Scott)

Someone asked me when I first started in BTC, I told him,   he grabbed me from my solitary stance eating a slice and took me over to a group and intro’ed me as an OG. I looked confused. He explained. TY!

Somewhere in this timeframe I opened an account at Coinbase. I mention this because they are currently manually verifying me, a process which takes 2 days according to the text and email they sent. Why are they verifying? Because I needed 2FA authentication to get back in yesterday and they sent the code and none of my apps for authentication were working. Silent scream. Worked on getting authy back. Problems there too even after re-install. What the hell was going on? I think this has to do with recent transfer of phone – my son got a new iPhone, I got his. (Yea, I’m fine with this.) All went well except for this?? Not sure if this is the reason, still trying to figure it out.

Meanwhile Coinbase is offering me other options to get in. My license and selfie don’t seem sufficient and they changed wait time from 10 minutes to 2 days. This triggered a memory. Way back when Coinbase  was young, in 2013 I had another “verify” problem. I received the following from support:

I completely understand and regret the frustration this is causing. Unfortunately, we do not have a process in place to manually verify accounts at this time. While you are still able to purchase up to 10 BTC, sell up to 50 BTC per day, and take full advantage of our bitcoin wallet services, it may not be possible to verify your identity using our current system.

Please know that we’re actively working to improve this system so that it becomes a much more convenient process in the future. Implementing new identity verification measures requires careful consideration to provide convenience to our legitimate users, and safeguards to protect against malicious users who may be trying to steal others’ identities.

I apologize that I cannot completely resolve this issue at the moment, but please feel free to send me a message anytime if needed!

Well, how things change over time. from “no system to verify” to now.
 Finding the old email was a blast from the past and Coinbase, if it would have helped my selfie pic for ID purposes I would have worn my Coinbase “To the Moon” cap you gave to us at the BTC meetup reunion you helped sponsor. Thx for the swag and hope you soon find out I’m me.
Just a flashback to early days of Coinbase from an OG.
Coinbase, we do go back in time together.  How’s the manual verification process going?
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