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Sex, Silicon Valley and Google – The Sex Trade Thrives

sex workers in silicon valley

sex workers in silicon valleyPROSTITUTION AS A CAREER? Your daughter? Sister? Oh, not ok for them?

This post has a humane and good for girls agenda and if you absolutely will be bored, do me a favor and read it anyway. For a female in your life. TY.

Hookers, Whores, Prostitutes?  If you want to make it glamorous, call it an escort service.  But before you do anything – THINK about the message to females of the world: your genitals are part of the new co-sharing economy and this is good for you and the men. 

I listen to the hookers explain why they love selling to geeks: big money, info about tech and a feel good feeling that they are helping them socialize. Hookers are flooding in, bragging about the cars their clients drive. They are in the news, defending their hourly body part rentals.

The sex industry is thriving in Silicon Valley. The death of the Google executive on his yacht at the Santa Cruz harbor at the hands of his hooker has the media explaining why prostitution thrives here. Money is the magnet, no surprise there.

We have all heard that and more: too many men who work too hard, make so much money, can’t relate to women, are on the spectrum, geeky, no interpersonal or social skills.  Or,…overworked tech exec with more money than Midas deciding  he really, really, really needs to relax with that delightful woman who just happens to share her vagina with hundreds of others.  Or maybe it is the sex addict with the dysfunctional childhood who can’t relate to a real emotional relationship and so he develops one or more addictions. Sex included.

Enough already. Stop. I don’t care if you call yourself a Courtesan and write a blog explaining how you are really like Mother Theresa (and Christopher Hitchens was hysterical in writing a book about her called, The Missionary Position)  saying, “I relax the men”, “we talk”, “We have a friendship” “Their wives don’t understand them like I do”  or  the meth or heroin whore.   I don’t care if you are  the one renting female orifices by the hour telling yourself, “She really enjoys our time together, I can tell.”

Folks, this isn’t about you. It’s about evolving at a level we haven’t been before and taking care of the kids and making sure this generation knows bodies are for much more than sexualization at an early age and on to the sale of body parts for an hour or two.  As long as we have idealization of prostitution as a career path we give young girls  the idea that sexualization is a career  and their bodies are ok to sell because they have no  value except what they are paid for to use them by men. And to boys, we say, “these people aren’t as smart as you and so all they can do is sell an orifice,  over and over and over.”

Enough.  Young girls do not have power to resist or argue or understand that this is NOT THE ONLY THING THEY CAN DO. They do not know that options may not be readily visible but they exist.  They do not know that people and opportunities exist to unveil the options. If we can do robotics, AI, stop aging at CALICO (see why Google named it that here: CALICO   )  then we can also help the girls who are told, “This is good money, you really don’t have any other options.”

Google is currently trying to make up to women and minorities the advantage men have in technology.  Google is offering to pay for coding lessons with a $50 million initiative. Let’s put this together: recently liberated from the pages of the famous sex buyers shopping experience: (closed by the FBI) and in face of the Google exec with a wife and five kids murdered by the hooker he hired (she shot him up with heroin, walked over his dying body and let him die)   let’s put together a Possibility Program at the Googleplex.

Hookers Code!

Larry, Sergei, Eric: If the prostitutes  are good enough to rent their orifices to your execs and the techies of the Valley, if they are good enough to pay $1k per hour, then teach they are good enough to code.  They brag about their Twitter accounts and how much they learn from the tech clients they have.  Their working girl representative is worried they will not survive without the Internet to keep the buffer between them and street walking, so show them: opportunity exists.  You can code your way to the top now with this tech. And learn to have a real relationship just like geeks have to learn to do.

Takeaway:  stop giving young girls with few options  the idea that the default position is doggie.  It isn’t.

And the oldest profession isn’t prostitution. That meme started with Rudyard Kipling in 1929.

TIME Magazine told us:

Anthropologist George Peter Murdock of Yale has concluded that prostitution is not the world’s oldest profession. Psychiatry is.

Professor Murdock began by noting that prostitution does not exist in any primitive society even today, but that the medicine man is universal. And the medicine man in aboriginal cultures is always a magician who practices faith healing.


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