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Apple + IBM = A (RE)new(ED) Silicon Valley Story

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The New Era

You’ve all heard the news. Apple and IBM have ended their 30 year feud.

For those unfamiliar with the Apple and IBM spat of the 80’s  a little history lesson was in order. Perhaps what is most interesting about this announcement is that we have seen two tech titans grow up and put their big boy pants on.

Yesterday’s announcement of Apple and IBM to “redefining the mobile enterprise” is nothing short of a spectacular decision by two CEO’s of America’s engine of ingenuity coming together to help redefine and recreate a sorely outdated American corporate workplace. Taking this monumental leap forward – a leap surely not to have been even entertained by CEO’s of past – is a demonstration of how much maturation is taking place in Silicon Valley.

The Silicon Valley story is one that is growing up. While we will always have sex scandals and big brother taking hold in our little corner of the planet, the Valley is forging ahead in the 21st century by realizing why the tech industry started in the first place. To THINK and to Think Different.

While we can zero in on the continued story and plot of Apple and IBM and all the other headline grabbing news that the Silicon Valley story provides on a daily basis, this is the revitalization and redefining of American corporate cooperation. So, take this moment to revel in that idea. To see right before our eyes, two CEO’s take a bitter relationship, push it aside, and come together to help a vision become a reality inside every office space – large and small – in the United States and the world.

But Apple Won. And functionality lost.

Apple has taken the enviable leap forward with IBM and is leaving the “competition” behind while ensuring the artistic values that Apple holds so near and dear to their heart.

While we all need functionality to exist in the vacuum of life, their is nothing about functionality that truly inspires the human race. But Apple does. Or rather Apple’s egotistic approach to design.

Apple has shown a willingness to set partisan politics aside to team with IBM to help create, what they believe will be a transformative relationship between the employee and data. But really if it were all about functionality then a plenty of other tech giants could have been doing this right alongside IBM. Microsoft. Nope. Intel. Nope. Dell. Nope. Blackberry. Nope. Samsung. HP. Google. Nope. Nope. and I was just kidding on that last one, Steve.

But Apple? Oh Apple, has taken this opportunity to launch years ahead of the rest of the industry and is taking IBM with them.

So why Apple? Because when we understand art in its simplest form – which is like recognizing the difference between pornography and art – then it becomes something that is relevant here and now and in the future. The simple fact about those other companies is they are always playing catch up. No matter how hard they try; no matter how many dollars they spend; no matter how much they criticize; art becomes forever. And if we know one thing about Apple, it is that they create with one specific concept in mind to ensure the success of the admirer of their artwork: good is the enemy of great.

Welcome to being sexy, IBM. Welcome to Apple.

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    Ann Bradley
    July 16, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    Excellent analysis, Jamie. Thanks for this post. It’s cut to the chase with clarity and simplicity and a clear understanding of the dynamics of the situation now and in the future.

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