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Stop email Spying with MIT, CERN and Harvard’s Encrypted Email


We intercepted phone calls to Chancellor Merkel of Germany last year.   We spy on our citizens (Hello NSA). Gmail reads my mail before the recipient. Palantir’s CIA funded guard stop me from taking a pic of the menu of what they eat (posted on a window towards the street).

Augmedix wants to give MD’s Google Glass so they can video you when YOU need to video them instead. More doctors harm patients than patients harm doctors!

It isn’t going to stop – and  of course we  love  all things tech, but the checks and balances have to get in now.  Not when the robots are out thinking us – maybe the singularity has already occurred?

To stop the spying you need to step up. You can do it. Look what CERN, MIT and Harvard guys have given us: an awesome email program called ProtonMail.

Help support this encrypted, easy to use email program and take a step to put privacy and respect back in the agenda.  Let’s be as awesome in respecting privacy of the people as we are in developing amazing new technology. Watch:  PROTON MAIL

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