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Augmented Reality’s Cutest Pet App Is Here! Meet Curiopets.

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Every Good Story Begins at a Chocolate Factory

especially when you can take your favorite pet there.

AR Curiopets

Maybe Tim Cook is too quiet when he tells us about Apple and where it is heading because it took the media and the public a long time to understand  he had  a vision that is soon to be visible, big time. Here’s a clue to Tim: when he repeats the same thing at different times in various venues, no matter how short a time he spends on it, he is serious.

And that’s what happened with augmented reality. AR is computer generated objects overlayed on the real world. Your camera shows the real world, the AR programmer brings you the rest. No matter how simple that sounds it is not. But this is not the place to get technical. But it is the place to tell you that AR is about to enter your life, big time.

Taking advantage of Apple’s ARkit, a developer’s start box, is someone we have met before here at The Silicon Valley Story, Nathan Kong. We met Nathan developing worlds for his VR educational project.  But something spectacular has happened to Nathan recently. He has been found by Coop, an alien visitor whose home has exploded somewhere in the cosmos. Coop is a puppy. He is a CurioPet. It get complicated but that’s where the fun kicks in because like any puppy he wants to hang out with his cool human and have grand experiences. In fact, Coop collects experiences. That’s where you come in. Buckle your belts, this is one heck of a ride.

Nathan defines CurioPets as an Augmented Reality pet simulator multiplayer game that encourages real world exploration. “We built the app using Apple ARKit and intend to launch as soon as iOS 11 is released. With CurioPets, our goal is to promote exploration as gamers travel with their virtual pets around the world. The features of the game include dressing, feeding, and playing with your pet, decorating your pet’s room, competing against your friends in mini games, collecting rare items, and discovering hidden treasure by exploring your surroundings.”

You can decorate Coop’s home, dress him, play with him, invite friends over…and of course if you go to Santa Cruz, he’ll be with you.

Intertwining words via a story telling blog and AR, Nathan explains how he met Coop and we see it through Coop’s eyes:

Today I discovered a small blue planet called Earth. Upon descending on Earth, I met a somewhat intelligent life-form by the name of Nathan. Nathan is a homosapien, colloquially known as a human. Surprisingly, this two-legged life-form had the intelligence to speak and shares my desire to explore the world.

Hey Coop – I get it! It isn’t easy communicating with other life-forms. Glad you found Nathan, he’s easy to talk to and understands foreign life forms.

Coop and Nathan hang out together at various locales. Here they are at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.



Tim Cook tells us Apple will become the world’s largest augmented reality platform. No reason not to believe it – they control the hardware and software. Coop you have one great home (and I know, one day you will live in Android land too).


Curiopets is fun, engaging, ever changing, interactive, and we want to know, does the SPCA know about it? This game is teaching good care of animals….so have fun, get involved in the most addictive new and good for you tech – augmented reality. It’s here and you should be too. This is the beginning of a massive change – begin with Curiopets and see where it takes you.

Stay tuned at CURIOPETS to find out more and get the first update about downloading the app when it launches on September 12. 




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