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Google, You Own Me

2019 Update:   5 years later and  “more true” than when originally written if that can be correctly said. Add Facebook, add Apple watch, AR/VR , gene edited  babies and we see we are owned not just by Google but…

Moore's Law is Dead
Big Tech General Voices

Moore’s Law: Color It Gone

Written by Radhika Dirks, Ph.D. Chief Operating Officer, Rotary Gallop Moore’s law has become a sort of mystical talisman in the computing industry. Every few months there is a new round of articles arguing about whether and when Moore’s…

designing drones
Big Tech Start Ups

Designing Drones: Designer Needed

I love the concept of designing drones. I met the co-founder of Matternet, Paola Santana, and liked her and her company. So, here’s more – a posting from my original time sink, Craigslist. A stealth mode company needs a…

google annoying
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Seriously Google? This Is Obnoxious

You know what I’m talking about. Your intrusive over the top new ad policy. REALLY??? You want to put people’s names and pics in ads without their permission? People of common sense, if you want out of this, do…