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Intel Left the Box: Wearable, Everywhere, and Smart

Intel Sign and The Silicon Valley Story

The Intel keynote at CES in Las Vegas was a window into the future. It’s smart.

It isn’t small, it’s huge. It is transformational. This is the Internet of Things. Odd name, but one example will do: a coffee mug tells you if your baby is too hot or cold. You can find out the specifics of how Nursery 2.0  works and more, so much more (check out Edison – teeny, tiny computer) in many places. It is news.

Intel is The Silicon Valley Story – an older, original  and iconic Valley company that has just re-invented itself from supplier of chips to kickstarting all into the future.

It’s smart – as in connected, wired, and providing information.  Micro data usable stuff comes from smart things. The world does not need to know your baby’s temp or heart rate (but of course you will go Tweet it) but, really, we all know, no one but you needs to know that data point. This is usable micro, local data.

And here is where smart makes a difference. If the FDA can keep their  long reaching arms out of the arena, smart med tech allows for AB, AB testing. That means you can do action A, measure heart rate, do Action B, measure heart rate. What changes it? Coffee, tea or sex? Does it differ with vitamins, foods, time of day? You, and you, have now conducted a scientific test on yourself and it is more valid and reliable than anything else anywhere because YOU are the control.

This is only possible if you cut out the middleman(smart), take control of your actions (smart), learn from them(smart), save money(smart) and act on the knowledge that applies to you and you alone (smart). Smart in tech terms is different – it means making an object a source of live, actionable data. Using it wisely is smart in the old fashioned sense of the term.

Nothing is going to be the same. There are going to be problems: you will be monitored to death. You will be now in a nanny state of hell. Don’t want to take your meds? Who the hell are you to make that decision? Your smart pill bottle or pill itself will let your doctor, pharmacy, and insurance company know you are non compliant. Your mail might have to be smart as in we know what you bought and where it came from.

It is a two edged sword. Your watch will be a tracking device. Good for kids, but if you want to play and no one else should know, then what?

Catastrophe aside as far as rights and privacy go, we have made some incredible things and entered a new era. Eventually, the loss of privacy will be the source of another revolution but when has change ever not happened and then changed again?

Intel left the box and took us with it. Nice work from a new CEO.

The charging bowl was thrown at us with no explanation. Fascinating idea, but where are the hows? I want one, BTW.

And the watch and Jarvis. Oh, hell, Brian, send it all over here.

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