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Apple Geniuses

The new VP of Apple Retail has her work cut out for her – this place looks like a Costco with Walmart Greeters. But don’t fix what isn’t broken and the GENIUS of the Genius Bar lives on and…


Before Sheryl Sandberg there was Juana Briones

    Disruptive innovation, women who stand up and lean in,  and engaging in creative change is not new to Silicon Valley of 2014.   We just don’t know about many of the early pioneers.   Let’s get in…

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Deconstructing Carl: A Primer on Icahn/Apple Activism

Having purchased $500 million more $AAPL shares in the last two weeks, our investment has crossed the $3 billion mark yesterday. — Carl Icahn (@Carl_C_Icahn) January 22, 2014   Guest Blog post  from  Rotary Gallop on that  intriguing man who…

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Google, You Own Me

2019 Update:   5 years later and  “more true” than when originally written if that can be correctly said. Add Facebook, add Apple watch, AR/VR , gene edited  babies and we see we are owned not just by Google but…

Moore's Law is Dead
Big Tech General Voices

Moore’s Law: Color It Gone

Written by Radhika Dirks, Ph.D. Chief Operating Officer, Rotary Gallop Moore’s law has become a sort of mystical talisman in the computing industry. Every few months there is a new round of articles arguing about whether and when Moore’s…

Start Ups Voices

Disruptive Tech Creates Backlash

Matt Mickiewicz’s life is a series of destructive events. How long ago would that have represented the history of a psychopathic criminal? Today, it is the heart and soul of pitches to VC’s and angels and crowdfunding events. Matt…


Does Apple Cause Families to Go Hungry?

Apparently this man thinks Apple and taxes is correlated with Food Stamp cuts. We abhor the cut in Food Stamps and blame a government with bad priorities. But it isn’t Apples fault. If its legal to not pay those…