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low dose naltrexone

images-1The transformation of the distribution of medicine to where it is needed has arrived. We’ve long had on demand cars (thank you Uber) and on demand rooms at reasonable rates (thank you AirBnB) and on demand consumer genetic testing (thanks 23andme).  Now finally we have on demand medicine available to us when and how we need it.

This is a case in point of how the evolving world of the distribution of medicine is a game changer whose time has come. The ability to access the right doctor with the right information from the comfort of your home is here.  This is about a medicine some need but have a very hard time getting but that has just changed.

Low dose naltrexone – you’ve researched it and know that you want to try it. You’ve got more information about it under your belt than any local doctor.  You want to discuss your condition and LDN but you are tired of paying someone in a white coat to tell you, “If it worked, I’d know about it.”  If there is one iconically underwhelming statement it is that one. No doctor, no human of any sort, is a comprehensive database and many things that work are not known to all. This has been painfully true in the medical field.  But the sad fact here is that your doctor, if you have one, probably has no idea what low dose naltrexone is or how to use it. ( naltrexone at 50 mg is used for addiction. At 4.5 mg and below  – called low dose – it has an entirely different mechanism of action.)

So there you are – back at the same place: You can’t find a doctor that knows anything about what you want.

You’ve read hundreds of first person reports on how well low dose naltrexone works on various different autoimmune illnesses and you are fully prepared to discuss the role of systems theory in understanding the mechanism of action and why this is not (choose one) 1) a conspiracy theory, or 2) snake oil.  You are also prepared to show printouts of peer reviewed journal articles and results of studies at major medical institutions like Stanford. Likewise, you will follow this with the names of various websites of MD’s successfully using this medicine in their oncology or pain management practice.  How about a youtube video of an MD/PhD showing pre and post use pancreatic cancer tumor slides at USC Medical?

Welcome, exhausted patient!  No wonder you are tired. It’s an energy drain to do what you are doing.  Take a deep breath because help is here.  If Low Dose Naltrexone is what you are looking for and a dedicated, educated, medical doctor to guide you in its use is all that is stopping you from its use, then welcome to an answer. A doctor’s office that specializes in the conditions needing low dose naltrexone – and does so on your schedule is what LDN Doctor is doing.

LDN Doctor   is Dr. Hila Handler,  a US-licensed Family Practice Physician with an MD from Rush Medical Center in Chicago. (See LDNdoctor for more information about Dr. Handler.)  At LDN Doctor you get a consultation about your condition and if needed, a prescription.  Digital medicine: help for you, on your terms, with someone there who knows what you are talking about (and why isn’t everything this easy in medicine?)

Out of the great digital world we now have access to doctors, wherever they are, who know how to help and  guide you.  In this case we are talking about Low Dose Naltrexone – something too many have had too much trouble getting help with. I am so delighted to be able to introduce those of you who have long searched for help with LDN to Dr. Handler and her staff.






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