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Note (dot) Cards from the iPhone


I’m ready.  Have Traveling Pepper and I will write to you. I will thank you, invite you, love you, want you, send good wishes, say hello and good-bye and anything in-between.  Yes, that’s how much I like it. But it goes beyond the finished product.

I was never into photography before Steve made a phone. Cameras needed attention. They needed knowledge on how to use them and trips to places to get film developed.  Finally,  if you were lucky,  you got back a few out of a roll that were good to go.  But then there was the question of negatives.

In my world view negatives were not just the inscrutable filmy things you had no idea what was on them.  A negative was the whole picture taking experience.

And then phones had cameras and my life changed.  I take pics!  Sometimes they are even good and places like Buzzfeed use them for a post. Most of the time they are ordinary but that’s ok by me. I capture daily life events of interest to family, friends, and when I do it for the blog, for those interested in tech and Silicon Valley.

Luckily there are people like Troy who work magic with an iPhone camera. When Troy showed me what he was doing – turning his breathtaking pics into note cards and wall art –   I asked what he was using to take his amazing pics. He said it was an iPhone5.   “Ok”,  I said, “Have you sent a card to Tim?”

Troy is Troy Green of and Tim is Tim Cook. (Tim is so amazing that he deserves to be known by first name like Steve was here in Palo Alto.  I know, TC is not Steve Jobs as every citizen journalist Apple analyzer  likes to remind you. Of course not. That doesn’t make him less or bad.  But that’s another story. I like Tim.)

Troy takes the ordinary and makes it spectacular.  It shines and shimmers and says, “You’ve never really seen me before have you?”  or maybe, “I’m glorious! I’m happy! Take me and I can make you happy too!”  Maybe it was never ordinary to begin with, but he brings out the beauty in what we see all the time. This is no easy task.

All done on an iPhone5.  This is so amazing to me.  My favorite might be the Traveling Pepper plant but the entire concept and execution of the photography of veggies and plants and turning them into stunning visuals is the magic Troy brings.

Troy explains how he began:

 I started experimenting with photography at farmers’ markets across the Bay Area using different angles, lighting, color combinations, and display designs.  Since I haven’t taken a photography class before, I tried to follow my own path and intuition on what feels right on a good shot as well as enjoy the moment.  Rather than spend time reading “How To” books, I wanted to invest that time learning on my own with real life examples.

This ultimately has led me to the idea of creating unique notecards themed around farmers’ markets.

There you have it. I could say more, but let the cards speak for themselves – or better yet, let them speak for you. Go ahead, get some, and fill them with your special words or a quote or buy them as a gift.

Troy Green note dot cards





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