Nude Massages; Free Rent in Los Altos Mansion

craigslist nude massage

Some things never change. Would love to interview the female who takes this offer. Will do anon.

Full disclosure of another sort: I once tried to exchange a domain name for a rental back in the first dot-com days. That seems so naive compared to this. The San Jose Mercury News Made my ad into the headline of the day. Here we have another interesting take on the high rents/whatever will be will be arena in Silicon Valley.

From Craigslist posting in Rentals today:

About me:
Recent male college grad (age 24) from Berkeley
Working the IT technology industry.
Neat and clean.
Pretty chill and enjoy hanging out.
Into comedies, sports, and adventure.

About you:
Cute recent female college grad in the same age range
Willing to give me massages (nude) and hang out/chill occasionally
Be completely discreet
Be clean/tidy

I am looking for someone cool to take the spot in the house for the next two weeks on an interim basis if you fit the above criteria. Rent will be free.

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