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Pedigreed Babies for Sale in The Stanford Daily

stanford egg donation ad

Do these embryos come with an 18 year guarantee for acceptance at University of purchaser’s choice? Where’s the genetic test of both mom and dad? This is a emergency! What about family albums? Don’t these kids have a right to see birth grandparents as well as mom and dad’s pics? Will you attach your cell number and update so the kids can talk to you? Do you have mutations on the COMT gene? C’mon Phi Beta Kappa, these kids need Alpha Info!

A word to those thinking of partaking of this oh so special THING…ask yourself: do I want a kid related to someone who sells their baby because they changed their mind?

Embryos with a pedigree

Phi Beta Kappa Embryos For Sale.

If you like embryos for sale, we have 50K design a kid for you too, also from The Stanford Daily. Before you engage in genetic blowing in the wind events, see LOOKING for DAD and MOM by Ann Bradley Get the Flipboard app for iPhone and Android and enjoy this curated magazine on kids with no identity and what they do to cope. (You will only be able to see a few pages in your browser – get the app.)

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