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Pie Capital Launches Portfolio for Microinvestments

555 Bryant, Palo Alto, CA
For Immediate Release



Unique service allows anyone to invest as little as $100 in nine startups.


Revolutionizes the micro-investor startup industry

May 1, 2018…Palo Alto, California — Pie Capital today announced the immediate availability of their new pre-vetted investment platform across multiple technology market segments. Micro-investors can quickly evaluate companies by reviewing slide decks, business plans, pre-money valuations, videos, and detailed financials to make informed and efficient investment decisions on 9 different technology startups.

Investments from $100 to $2,500 are made online with a secure payment portal from PayPal, Stripe, Venmo and BitCoin.

Investors then receive either Common or Preferred shares in the company.

Pie Capital allows investments as small as $100 and all tools are free and available to all. Transaction fees are reduced by more than 40% for investments in the diversified portfolio.

“Pie Capital is a unique investment tool for early stage startup micro-investors who want early access” explained Bill Eichen, CEO of Pie Capital, Inc. “Our investors are busy professionals, angel investors, family offices and early stage investors who understand the risk and reward in early stage funding.”

By using today’s mobile communications technologies, Pie Capital users receive instant information about their investment opportunities and can make informed decisions. Clients update their preferences at their convenience to best manage their own portfolios and transactions to review business trends on prospective new companies.

“We encourage spreading micro-investments across the 9 company diversified portfolio” The companies span Fintech, automotive, digital health, sensors, sports, and IoT marketplaces.

“Pie Capital has demonstrated a revolutionary technology using standard mobile devices” said Brandon Apparcel, CEO of SportsNuttz, Inc, a leader in sports gamification mobile technology.

“Pie Capital utilizes the latest reactive technology to ensue multi-platform compatibility on mobile and laptop technology,” said Sanjeev Dharap, Founder and CTO at Pie Capital. “Our active clients enjoy a secure, fast, and reliable service.”

 Online customer support is available 24×7 to registered customers. “We have created a customer-facing corporate culture and strive to insure that our customers receive information in a timely and reliable fashion,” said Eichen. “Pie Capital provides a Learning Center reference guide for new investors.”

Pie Capital, Inc. is a privately held corporation in Palo Alto, California. Pie Capital designs, develops and supports vertically oriented internet products and tools for the financial industry. Financial professionals and related ecosystem partners are encouraged to contact Pie Capital’s affiliates department at Pie Capital may be reached at (650) 493-1801 or via email at

Pie Capital,, Autovet, and LearningCenter are trademarks of Pie Capital, Inc.

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