Steve Jobs Rollerbladed Here and Neu.Me Co-Shares It with Institute of the Future

Silicon ValleyUpdate on Institute for the Future.  The last post about them moving into the large space at Hamilton and Emerson brought forth a comment from a reader. I mentioned that in a past life, the space had been Institute for the Past, aka, an antique store. One of the former antique sellers wrote and said:

Steve Jobs used to rollerblade into the store to check it out and take a break from the rollerblading.  He would come in with a woman but I don’t know which one she was.
Also in that store, I sold a “United Nations Peace Rose” memorial cup and saucer to Joan Baez. No, not THAT Joan Baez, but her Mother! who was also called Joan Baez!  And it was a gift to her daughter Joan Baez, Yes! THAT Joan Baez!
We’d like to thank our reader, Hilda Sendyk, for that information – Steve rollerblading around Palo Alto, and Joan Baez’s mom shopping downtown.  And the connection between the two of them is also interesting…Steve and Joan were once lovers and there they both are, in the future Institute for the Future, then full of the past.
And here we are now, Institute for the Future AND.. New ME. I mean – clever isn’t it? It took me a while to get it, but there it is – (new me) is co-sharing the space with Institute for the Future. This is the sharing economy and this is it in action. They will share classrooms, open space, etc. The space includes what used to be Diddams also (for a while it was COLOR, bought by Apple, I think). Hmm..looks like Steve was always meant to be in that corner for one reason or the other. looks very, very interesting. They will be training engineers.  It isn’t surprising – engineers are the infrastructure of the new tech world thus they are in high demand.  I imagine this space is costing a fortune, but educating engineers should be very lucrative. The program looks interesting and the co-sharing with Institute For the Future should be beneficial for both.  I only wish Paul Saffo was still there.  Rumor has it, and Paul’s cryptic tweet (email?) seems to confirm it, that there was bad blood between Institute of the Future and Paul Saffo.
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