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thesiliconvalleystorycom looks at cell phone dangers
General Government & Technology

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

The scientists are strongly behind this one now. It wasn’t always so. But people don’t seem to care..too much. The Federal Communications Commission announced this year it would review its maximum Specific Absorption Rate for cell phones. SAR is a measure…

23andme john sculley apple
Medical Technology Start Ups

Did 23andMe Hire a John Sculley?

Two issues here. 23andme’s marketing strategy changed dramatically in the recent past. It became “in your face” in a retail consumer manner, morphing quickly from a more subtle place.  Genetic testing was more mainstream now than even a year…

Government & Technology

Big Data, Big Brother, and Small Returns for Some

I said it before: Big money follows big data follows big disruption. The Silicon Valley Business Journal recently wrote about Sequoia Capital Investor Michael Moritz arguing the position that collectively we are creating a massive data factory by our willingness…