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Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

thesiliconvalleystorycom looks at cell phone dangers

The scientists are strongly behind this one now. It wasn’t always so. But people don’t seem to care..too much.

The Federal Communications Commission announced this year it would review its maximum Specific Absorption Rate for cell phones. SAR is a measure of the rate of radio waves absorbed into the body of someone using a cell phone. A phone certified by the agency and sold in the United States cannot exceed a rate of 1.6 watts per kilogram, which critics say is possibly too high and based on outdated information from 1996, when the standard was set.

But regardless of whether an SAR is low, an individual’s exposure can increase when a phone is held close to the body for long periods of time. Apple now warns customers in its iPhone manuals to keep the device at least five-eighths of an inch away from their bodies while using its phones to avoid risking exposure to radiation that exceeds FCC guidelines. And Green Swan, a Novato company, makes an app that yelps a warning when talkers hold the phone too close to their heads.

Apple is now warning people to stay away from direct contact of the ear/head.

Are we so caught up in new tech, disruptive tech and wearable tech that we are ignoring a clear and present danger from cell phones?

How much government are we going to allow to harm us? The FDA stops 23andme from marketing the health aspects of their genetic tests and the FCC ignores the science behind cell phones and brain tumors. The linkage and control of the federal government to Silicon Valley is not denied by anyone. Turn it into a positive – don’t ignore the fact this association can become a danger.

Protests in the Bay Area to Tom Wheeler about dangers of wireless tech –

“it is important to listen to the truth particularly when it is inconvenient or uncomfortable.  The truth is that wireless is hurting us, and as with most toxins, the ones who are marginalized and poor bear the worst impacts.”

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