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Before Sheryl Sandberg there was Juana Briones

    Disruptive innovation, women who stand up and lean in,  and engaging in creative change is not new to Silicon Valley of 2014.   We just don’t know about many of the early pioneers.   Let’s get in…


Homebrew Computer Club Reunion, more!

Homebrew Computer Reunion – more pics and a few words. Watch Steve Wozniak on the video and be sure and see the first post on the reunion, Homebrew Computer. Hilda Sendyk and Daniel Kottke Monday night at the Computer History…

Computer History Museum, Silicon Valley

Homebrew Computer Club Reunion, 2013

A big and great reunion is in the works from the founders, great and small, known and unknown, of the computer industry. November 11, 2013 is the next Homebrew Computer Club Reunion at the Computer History Museum in Mountain…