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THE BEAM (which is not a robot) Dream

 BEAM STORE, Palo Alto, California A couple walks by the storefront, does a double take and stands transfixed staring at what looks like a computer screen on legs having a conversation on the sidewalk with some people. Curious they…

Varsity Theatre

The Varsity On University Ave. Palo Alto

This is a walk down Memory Lane. As the Varsity is about to rebirth as a co-sharing work and coffee bar, let us remember all the good things the building has given us, bookstore, yes, but especially the bar,…

music in palo alto

Music In Palo Alto

Jerry Garcia is gone.  St. Michael’s Alley isn’t what it used to be. But every once in a while we are reminded that music is still alive and important here in Palo Alto. I’m sorry that the video didn’t…


Secret Mountain Lab

Sometimes it is so much fun to sit at Cafe Venetia in Palo Alto besides the good coffee and veggie quiche. This is one of them. A Palo Alto institution as much as Cafe Venetia.…

samsung accelerator

Samsung Accelerator

WHAT IS THE ACCELERATOR? (and why oh why did they have to take our Varsity?) “We are launching the Samsung Accelerator as an incubator for startups. Samsung is committed to building great customer experiences by marrying our leading hardware…