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Theranos in Beta and a Shout Out to the Kids on the Intel sign

Intel Sign and The Silicon Valley Story

Theranos is almost the new new thing in your consciousness.  They are about to make a big announcement of the opening of the Palo Alto Store in the Walgreen’s on University Ave. Right now it is only for family, friends, and brothers of other mothers.

My guess is this makes Walgreens a winner in the CVS/WAG war for now. Don’t buy the stock on my say so,  and I don’t own any, but it makes sense to me. Of course, I’ve lost $$ on that philosophy before, so big warning – just a random thought.

And, if I am right,  Theranos will follow this “still need a middleman to see your own test results” almost game changer of theirs with real ones: on the shelf consumer tests. I would be really surprised if they don’t. And Walgreen’s has it on the shelf in a heartbeat.

Speaking of which – I recently suspected my c-reative protein levels were high. They never had been before.  I decided I needed a blood test to find what was going on with that as well as fibrinogen and homocysteine levels. I know my body and the language it speaks. I also know my 23andme genetic profile and smashed through the identity thieves to find my birth family and their medical history. Bio dad and his brother both died under 60 of heart conditions.  So, I ordered a test from Life Extension online and have the answer: c-reactive protein high, fibrinogen and homocysteine normal.  Now, I do the things I need to reduce c-reactive protein, test again and see how I’ve done.  How much have I saved? I have no idea. What’s the cost of a visit to the doctor in Palo Alto? And would they give me an Rx for a test without a physical? Not the MD’s I have met.

I say again – you go Theranos!  I love your idea –  and here’s to Elizabeth Holmes, her trust fund,  her trust in herself and the decision to drop out of Stanford in 2003. The only thing left is to let me in on the results of your new,new thing.  I want to come to the party too.

and here’s to the kids on the Intel sign!

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