The Apple Store at Stanford, the iPhone5c and iPhone5s and Tim Cook

Apple brings much emotion and commentary.  Like it or hate it, fanboy it, or dismiss it, Apple is newsworthy.

Here’s to Apple – we go back a long way, this company and I….but let’s talk the here and now.

I am reading a lot of complaints about Tim Cook.  As of today the market has slammed Apple after the iPhone5c and iPhone5s announcement yesterday at Cupertino.  I disagree with the blaming and shaming of Tim Cook over the drop in the stock price.

Tim Cook is doing the job he is supposed to do and doing it well.  What he isn’t doing is being who he isn’t.  He isn’t Steve.  And for that the markets are punishing Apple. Emotions and drama and exaggerated reactions occur everywhere – films, courtrooms, and the financial world as a few examples. I miss the theatre that was Steve but nothing can be done about that. I can however respect a job well done and remember Steve was never perfect.  If he made us think so, there’s his magic. I happen to think the magic is in the products he left us and their continued evolution.

I really do like Tim Cook.  But there IS an Apple complaint I have and here it is: noise. The new stores are beautiful but noisy. The Palo Alto store on University Ave gives me no time to think and the new Stanford one gives me a headache.

What do you think?

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