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To B or Not to B, That Is The Question

Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency – all are controversial topics. This is some food for thought with a link to an article worth reading.  Check it out. I’m  presenting opinions here, not investment advice. I do encourage engagement in the topic, if not the coin, because it isn’t going away.

FWIW, I’ve been going to bitcoin meetups for four years and have recently seen a huge increase in the number of people attending.  From 15 to 200 in one group. These are tech people in Silicon Valley. Imagine when the rest of the country and world have this much interest. I see an explosion of interest not the implosion some do. Read the link, think about it, and leave a comment with your thoughts.   Finally, if you buy btc, use it.

Personal opinion: not a bubble.

Do your own research.

Think about this: bitcoins are not tulips. Some will know what I mean, for others, google bitcoin, tulips.

I buy my coffee at Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto with bitcoin. Use yours.

“Bitcoin may be the first “buyable” S-curve.”   I agree. (FWIW)   That quote is from Brandon Green’s article:  Bitcoin Is Not a Bubble; It’s in an S-Curve and It’s Just Getting Started

I am an early adopter. I’ve been using bitcoin since 2012. If only I’d been saving it since then, oh well, you know where that is going…

To make my cryptocurrency adventure more fun – and because I believe in it – I bought some LISK (LSK)  Maybe you should check it out: LISK

Finally, I love this t-shirt.

pay with bitcoin

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