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To Theranos: This Changes Everything


UPDATE, July 16, 2014  I am so behind on Theranos stories but have to comment on today’s Palo Alto paper’s comparison of Elizabeth Holmes to Mark Zuckerberg.  I say NO!  Compare her to no one! Give her credit for what she has accomplished and see it for what it is: amazing tech. Why can’t we say, “Job well done, Elizabeth.”?  Annoys me she is compared to Zuckerberg. Oh, I like him well enough and kudos to him of course but hey – you, go girl! And same to Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andme. Who is more than wife of Sergey Brin (ok, estranged wife, I know, I know.)

I have been getting a whole, whole lot of emails about Theranos and Elizabeth recently; “You were right, she is going places!” Yes, and I plan on an update soon but when the DOD hangs out on my pages about her and so do VC’s and Lab Corps and Quest and pharmcos, it isn’t hard to connect the dots. And some days, Theranos gets more attention than anything else, including Silicon Valley sex stories!

Meanwhile, here’s an old post – and the original is here: THERANOS, Game-Changer…


Theranos – if I had the video going on my iPhone today as I told a Lab Corps tech about you it would have made an awesome ad for you and a testimonial for change/disruption.

It doesn’t take long for a lab tech to get it.

I showed her your website because  when I explained your test she just said, “This changes everything!” and there you are, mirroring her reaction.  She was very excited. In a positive way.

“Automated tests, vending machines for blood tests, no bio-hazard, WHO is this company? ”  I watched her mind go. It was awesome. If disruptive innovation has a moment when it clears the debris of the past, this was it. She thought of things  that never occurred to me. The bio-hazaed reduction? OF COURSE!

This was a magical moment for me. Interrupting the programming to kickstart into the future –  seeing it right before me. A very excited person who got it, in rapid fire thoughts.

Note to disruptors: you can use the ones you disrupt as far as jobs go. Hire them. Use them. They get it. And maybe, just maybe, they get it in a very, very awesome way that they are the messengers: this is change, this is good, trust me, I know.

Bio-hazard reduction. I should have thought of this.  But she did. Immediately.

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