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Best New Med Tech App In a Surprising Niche



We are so impressed that med tech apps are moving forward for specific needs. This is a truly heartwarming and utilitarian one we want to share with you.

Counting calories and watching heart rate is fine,  but real niche med tech for the underserved population such as sick kids (or adults),  the autistic, the voiceless, the speech impaired is impressive. And now an app is here for them.

Imagine  that your ideas , thoughts, feelings, needs and your plans , whether for a start up  or taking a shower,  could only be communicated through writing everything on a note pad. Or pointing.  You cannot speak. You are voiceless. You are without a voice to navigate the world of everyday needs or the world of everyday relationships. Your frustration level rises. You are literally  not understood.

“Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

What is left unsaid that Dostoyevsky was thinking about may not have been about everyday, mundane, pedestrian needs.  But the unhappiness is just as real. Do not compare the metrics of unhappiness, they are unique and each misery is personal.   Imagine you are 4  and cannot speak. Ever.  Or 45 and suddenly voiceless from illness or surgery.   Are you going to look at your Pebble Watch or Fitbit or other wearable  med tech to help you?  Do you need to know your heart rate, blood sugar or how many calories you had today if the one and only thing you want to do is tell someone, “I love you” or “I want to take a shower”

The quantified self is everywhere in med tech apps. Good,  but here’s one we really love because it stands out and fills an unseen yet compelling need. This is Mike McAnally’s impressive Touch-Voice. For the voiceless for whatever reason, Mike brings them a way to communicate in the here and now.  This reduces stress which enhances healing and creativity.

Give the kids and voiceless a voice!  Go watch Mike and Touch-Voice here and give someone a way to say, Thank You.

Here’s ours:



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