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Find and Fix Your Broken DNA: Exogen Crowdfunding Kit

Get your DNA read at 23andme (when the FDA unchains them) and then find out how broken it is and fix it with Exogen’s great new citizen scientist kit on how broken your DNA is. This is one of the most impressive items we have seen in startups this past year.

We went to Exogen at Biocurious, got tested, got results and loved it.

Exogen Biotech crowdfunding has begun! We supported them and you can too. It’s a great deal and a great way to support REAL science.  Get your scientist kit now (June, actually) – and find out what it means to really be in charge of your health via personalized medicine. There is so much noise in the field of apps and personalized med that we love to see something as real as a test you do yourself to find your broken DNA, do something to repair it, and test again. A/B, A/B testing just like they taught me in grad school!


 Indiegogo is crowdfunding – HERE IS EXOGEN 

Click, support, learn and help design the future.

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