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Fly Me to the Moon and Keep My DNA Safe – Exogen in Action

I had my thumb pricked at BioCurious by Exogen Bio CEO and co-founder Sylvain Costes, PhD who is also at Lawrence Berkeley Labs.

The white blood cells will be analyzed to quantify the number of DNA breaks. The number could be related to various stressors such as diet, exercise, lack of sleep, immune health, and radiation exposure. I had one of my insomniac nights last night – a really bad one – so will that reflect in my DNA?

I am interested in the use of this test for the space program. Apparently with this test we are now able to see the damage and potential repair possibilities of our DNA when impacted by radiation. This will be used for the health issues of those in space. What a good thing this is!

I’m curious what it will do to the mammogram industry.  I’ve been mocked for years for saying no to X-rays and mammograms because radiation is cumulative and carcinogenic. Today I asked the Exogen co-founder about this – he confirmed:  radiation from any source is cumulative and carcinogenic. On the survey form I filled out was a question about my last dental x-ray and did I have a mammogram in the last 5 years. I did unfortunately have a dental x-ray (also now linked to brain cancer – go ahead google the study). However, no mammograms for me.

So, I repeat – Think Before You Pink. The breast cancer industry is huge and growing and thanks to extraordinary profits in mammograms (cash cow tit machine is how one doctor referred to it), there have been a lot of radiated breasts with a concurrent increase in breast cancer.

Can we do a pre and post radiation Exogen DNA test? Will that be the confirmation needed about the dangers of radiation?

The test will be crowdfunded. If you want to live long and thrive, help Exogen’s DNA test get funded! Be the crowd.

Here it is: EXOGEN

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