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Health Tap: Dangerous Mediocrity Wins a Webby


A Webby for Health Crap?  Yep.


Just because the info is online and the delivery system is not what you are used to doesn’t make it award worthy.

Health Tap is mediocre.  Don’t call it a game changer – it isn’t.   And the only thing it is disrupting is people’s ability to get good health information.    To call it the new face of health care is to believe in delusions, yet people love delusions when it comes to health care.

Health Tap  is a rehash of disinformation the medical industry loves to give the public who respond with white coat syndrome: adulation for nothing.  Then they go on forums and complain how much medicine they take, how they still feel ill and they can’t stand their doctors.  News flash: the emperor has no clothes yet I bet Health Tap is going to be a cash cow. MD’s appear to spend no time researching answers so this must be a great second source of income for them. Facile ,easy to answer questions with pedestrian responses, it’s just like RL with an MD.

Example: I have now posted twice on Health Tap’s Twitter about the confusion of one doctor. You can see the mistake HERE.  Someone asked about the impact of grapefruit seed extract on their use of anti-depressants. The MD (a shrink) who answered has no clue what GSE is because she answered about “GRAPEFRUIT JUICE…..”  and its impact on different meds.  FIVE MD’s  agreed with her answer. This is how we all get dead.  This is why the CDC warns that medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death each year.  Grapefruit seed extract is a botanically derived substance with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It is marketed under the name Citricidal. It is nothing like grapefruit juice any more than apple cider vinegar is like a candied apple. Yes, apple is the constant, but so what.  And this is hard to understand?

Despite the plethora of  published info on this substance (GSE) another question to the mighty minds at Health Tap found another MD saying it had ZERO medicinal value.  And we should take his word because he is ONLINE and that is so cool or something?  What century is this? Party like its AOL and 1999?

Here ya go Health Tap docs – this is  from the University of Texas Med School, published.  There is plenty more on GSE and many of us have known and used it for years with great results. But because you never researched the topic, it has no use? You just answer “no value” because it has never been pharmco repped?  Where’s Khosla?? Topol?

U of Texas study, published:  The GSE was consistently antibacterial against all of the biotypes tested, with susceptibility zone diameters equal to or greater than 15 mm in each case.


Our preliminary data thus suggest an antibacterial characteristic to GSE that is comparable to that of proven topical antibacterials. Although the GSE appeared to have a somewhat greater inhibitory effect on gram-positive organisms than on gram-negative organisms, its comparative effectiveness against a wide range of bacterial biotypes is significant.

Health Tap Homework Assignment: Research and find the source of the above and 5 more studies.

There is nothing innovative about answering questions that anyone could find in something like Web MD which itself is nothing but an old fashioned encyclopedia of information, most of it, out of date and geared to typical cluelessness.  If you can’t learn how to  optimize a deep and broad search for information that makes a difference, or don’t want to, there’s Web MD , in your face, page one, slot one of Dr Google.

Of course, at Google itself in Project X they don’t do anything like Web MD or Health Tap – they use  the power and significant cash resources of the new philosopher kings to actually delve into oh say, the world of turning off a gene to delay aging.  Yes, the  innovative, game changing stuff. You think Larry Page wants to read about mainstream methods on Web MD or the Mayo Clinic site.  No, he hires top notch genetic PhD’s from UCSF and they bring their entire labs to Google to work on CALICO. You can read about CALICO here: Anti-Aging at Google

There’s a reason people like fortune cookies. They don’t make you think. A few meaningless encapsulated words have enchanted young and old for years. Just like Health Crap is doing now. The con is on.

BTW, Health Tap  – what’s the purpose of bothering with a social media presence if you ignore it? Transparency is as missing from you as it always is in mainstream medical.  Twitter account : anyone home @healthtap?



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