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So Much to Celebrate in Silicon Valley

What to Celebrate In The Valley

An interview with Tim Cook
A coffee with Mark,
Marissa has a tale for sure
Elon’s got 1000 companies to discuss

There’s robots and rockets,
the blockchain and bitcoin
the death of Moore’s law

quantum computing, AI,
and X’s from Tim, Elon or Google

Waymo cruising by with cameras and lidar
People doing coffee at Cafe Venetia
or planning a startup at Coupa Cafe.

Singularity U, NASA, a trip to Mars..

We are never bored here in the Valley.
There is always the new, new thing.
It’s fun and I love it and
I’ll donate my genome if you
will CRISPR my defects,
and if microdosing helps happiness, I’m in.

But today is Larry’s birthday so
let’s not forget this was once
The Valley of the Heart’s Delight
and the air was filled with sweetness
and on birthdays we celebrate that.

Happy Birthday, Larry

(with thanks to a house on Webster St.)



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