The Epiphany Opens in Palo Alto

It used to be a home for low income. I suspect it was built with federal monies with the proviso that for a certain number of years it must be occupied by the marginalized. After those years are gone the building may revert to market rate. It’s a very good deal for developers..

Not so for the woman I met outside Whole Foods who fell in love with my dog and watched him while I shopped. She was sad along with me when Chico died. She lived in the building and was distraught when she had to move. Scared was what she said.

Here’s to Chico’s friend, wherever you are. I wish you could have stayed, but Palo Alto is upscaling itself everywhere. Even dear Philz coffee is loving us to death with waaay overpriced food.

Here’s to the dispossessed – you are not forgotten.

@The Epiphany. Why a backwards ‘e’ in The?



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