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UPDATE: March 17, 2019 – This is an old post on Theranos.  I began writing about Elizabeth Holmes in 2013. This is the first. Start here.  An Almost Great Palo Alto Start Up  To see all the posts listed – (click on older posts to get them all) from 2019 to 2013 (from hopeful beginnings to the fraud/the con) click on THERANOS  

And to read the book, click BAD BLOOD

I have screenshots of everyone from DOD to Exec Office of President coming to website over the years with queries such as THERANOS FRAUD. Coming sometime this spring:  my take,  Theranos: The Facts Left Out


Happy to get the facts, Theranos, and here they are. Thanks for this…

Dear Ann,

Thank you so much for your continued interest in Theranos. We saw your blog post from today, “If Theranos can do this, why not 23andme?”, and wanted to follow up with you to address several inaccuracies. We would appreciate your issuance of the following corrections:
Theranos did not open in Maryland. We currently have three Theranos Wellness Centers open to the public, located in Palo Alto and the Phoenix area.
Per the press release you referenced, Walgreens offers its own independent offering for CLIA-waived tests on a limited menu. This Walgreens offering is completely independent of Walgreens’ partnership with Theranos. Conversely, Theranos is a high-complexity CLIA-certified laboratory that currently requires physician-directed lab orders in order to collect and process samples.
Thank you in advance for your timely attention to this matter. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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    Ther Denglo
    April 21, 2016 at 9:50 am

    Nor will Theranos ever open in Maryland, thankful for our state regulators.

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